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Condition Surveys

The most common area in which the surveyor is asked for an opinion is in the purchase of a vessel subject to survey. The report will give brief details to identify the craft - name, type of construction, tonnage and registered number if applicable. It will outline the extent or limitation of the inspection and provide a full description in itemised form of defects and generally make recommendations as to remedial action. The survey report (in addition to the immediate requirements of negotiation, perhaps for purchase) will assist in obtaining insurance and mortgage where applicable.

The following format is the usual:

A. Contract to purchase
The normal procedure when purchasing a vessel is for an offer to be made subject to survey and deposit paid.

B. Contract with Surveyor
In normal circumstances the prospective purchaser is responsible for selecting and instructing the surveyor. All boatyard and other costs in connection with the survey are in the addition to the surveyor's fees and expenses and are the responsibility of the prospective purchaser.

C. The surveyor will carry out a detailed examination of the craft as presented, and it is in this respect that the purchaser can assist the surveyor and help procure a more complete report by arranging the best possible access to the craft. If the vessel concerned is difficult to examine internally due to existence of linings, screwed down sole boards, locked areas, etc then the purchaser should do all that they can to ensure that the vessel is exposed to the surveyors examination as fully as possible.

It is therefore recommended before the survey that the vessel is slipped, linings removed, bolts and fastening extracted covers opened, etc. Machinery and electrics and accessories are normally part of the detailed inspection.

Purchasers are advised to discuss thoroughly with the surveyor any particular requirements beforehand.

D. The surveyor will report primarily on the examination with respect to the conditions of the vessel, with particular attention being paid to the condition of the hull structure.

E. The Survey Report
This will list the defects found in the survey, along with general requirements for repair or remedial work. The report may be used to negotiate final purchase arrangements. Survey reports issued by Survey One Limited are recognised by leading insurers, marine finance companies and banks. A list of survey conditions and restrictions will be attached. Condition surveys are also undertaken for insurance purposes and to establish the basis for future repairs and alterations.

F. Unless otherwise agreed in writing surveys must be paid for in full prior to report being dispatched. For your convenience we accept credit cards, cash, cheque and bank transfer. Once payment is received and the survey completed your report will be dispatched by e-mail in PDF format. Hard copies of reports are available on request at an additional fee.

Survey One has extensive records of many vessels. An information search is available.

Damage Surveys

In the unfortunate event the vessel is damaged, it is essential that the structure is protected from sustaining further unnecessary deterioration. With our contacts we will arrange a salvage operation at short notice, be on board the vessel within hours, assess the situation, and, on behalf of the owners, charterers or insurers, will survey the damage, prepare detailed repair specifications, obtain written estimates and oversee the repairs from start to finish, culminating in acceptance trials if necessary, thereby safeguarding your interests and investment.

  • Prior to Purchase Condition Surveys
  • Insurance Condition Surveys
  • Hull and Rig Surveys
  • Machinery Surveys
  • Tonnage Measurement for Registration
  • Arbitration
  • Acceptance Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Valuations
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  • Naval Architectural Services
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  • Osmotic Surveys
  • Dye Penetration Inspection
  • MCA Compliance Inspections Commercial Vessels
  • RCD Compliance Surveys
  • MCA Coding of vessels up to 24m for commercial use
  • Vessel measurement up to 24m loadline for Part 1 British Regulation

Our surveyors are familiar with all types of materials used in marine construction and while many of the vessels we are looking at are GRP or steel or alloy we are acknowledged experts in the niche markets of high epoxy laminates and also in construction and maintenance of the larger classic wooden yachts.

Survey One carries full insurance.

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